Heart of Flesh

Ambrose Andreano

The depths of darkness in our heart,
Covered oceans deep.
Then God said, “Light, depart-
Go and find my sheep.”

Thus Light went, new Eve to meet,
Found dwelling in her womb.
God formed His head, hands, and feet,
Her nature He assumed.

Heaven and Earth unite by Light;
Darkness had to flee.
The blind restored with their sight,
And wooed the harlot free.

The Five Types of Visibility
There are, as I see it, multiple distinctions in the “visibility” of human persons.
Ambrose Andreano
The Furnace of God
Hellfire should not in every sense be thought of as being below us, for no man can ascend to heaven without first going, in some sense, through hell.
Ambrose Andreano
On the Lion and the Lamb
The mystical theology of the text is to “hear” the roar of a lion, only to “turn and see” a slain lamb as the source.
Ambrose Andreano

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